Temporary Staffing

What kind of orders can we take?Your benefits
  • Minimum duration 3-4 months
  • Minimum number of employees 3-4 persons
  • If the German and/or English knowledge of the employees is not so important for you
  • Qualified professionals in many fields
  • No administrative expenses (you only must only handle one invoice per week)
  • You pay only for the completed work hours (no holidays, no illness, etc.)
  • Prices and costs are calculated in advance


If you are looking for employees that you want to employ yourself in your company or you are also offering personnel services our recruitment service is the right your you.

When is recruitment useful?

  • You don’t want use any sub-contractors
  • You want only one or a few new employees
  • You want to have the people in your own company employed
  • You are also a personal service company in Switzerland, Belgium or the Netherlands but lack of staff and would like to cooperate with us on a commission basis

Fields of serve

We lease and hire hungarian workers to German and other West-European companies. Our focus areas in temporary work are as follows but we are able to fullfill other requests too:

Skilled workers for the industryUnskilled workersHotel / Catering
  • Locksmiths
  • Welders (E, MAG, WIG)
  • Electricians / Electrical technician
  • Polishers
  • Butchers, etc...
  • Production assistans
  • Cleaning workers
  • Pickers
  • Aircraft and baggage handlers / Loaders
  • Etc...
  • Waiters
  • Barkeepers
  • Cooks


Business contacts

We take work orders in a number of fields also on work basis with our own employees and teams. At the same time we are in contact with several Hungarian companies which have already had practice with working contracts as Sub-company in West-Europe.

If you are looking for sub-contractors and / or you work in an industry where temporary workers are not allowed (eg. in construction) please write to us at and we will provide you the most adequate sub-contract available.

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