How to Apply

How to ApplyPlease notice: Because of the high number of applicants as well as keeping the discretion we can only accept dates by prior arrangement.

We ask all applicants to contact us as follows:

  • Online Registration:

The online application is the easiest way to register for applicants to be in our database. The data is collected electronically and our colleagues check registration within 24 hours. With new jobs, we can contact the candidate immediately.

  • Phone:

Our office hours are Mon-Thu. 9:00 bis 17:00 clock, Friday from 9:00 to 13:00 clock.

  • E-mail:

If an e-mail is sent to us, please be sure to attach a detailed Hungarian, possibly German and/or English CV – if the applied position requires foreign language skills as well.


Our service is always free of charge to employees. We do not charge any registration or other fees.


After a preselection by a phonecallpersonal interview takes place in our office in Miskolc / Hungary. In this interview we get a picture of the candidate, check the information in the CV and make sure on the candidates’ language skills. In the second instance we will inform the candidates about the exact location, the expected work, wages, etc.

After filtering the candidates we send the resume and evaluation sheets of the best candidates to our West-European partners, who can possibly exclude some candidates.

After the decision which candidates to pick we do the administrative work, prepare the journey of the candidates, seek decent housing for the new employee, etc.
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