Temporary work / Staffing / Time work


In order to soften the growing shortage of skilled workers in Germany and other West-European contries we lease and hire hungarian skilled and unskilled people to our partner companies in West-EU.

Based on our experience, such a temporary work is a real win - win - win situation for everyone involved. Hungarian skilled and unskilled workers sent to Germany have a huge motivation for work because of the higher income. They work a lot and undertake overtime and weekend work too. Our customers, however do not have to search long and constly for new, qualified and experienced professionals, furthermore we are working with lower fees than our German competitors so this collaboration means to our partners also have a cost saving.

Many of our competitors advertise that they provide 1-2 employees within 1-2 days to overcome temporary shortages at the customer by temporary work.

Well, this is what we cannot offer, because

  • by the geographic distance, we can only accept orders where the temporary workers, or hired staff concerns at least 3-4 employees
  • because of the fact that we care for our employees fully (eg. searching for accommodation) we can only take orders where the staff hire/temporary work goes through at least 3-4 months
  • because we only lend legally  we need at least 1-1.5 weeks to complete the administrative side (eg A1 certification of the Hungarian social security)

In return we offer, however:
  • Skilled workers who not only have the qualification to work but also want to work
  • Professional competence and qualification of the hired staff
  • Competitive pricing
  • Motivated staff with willingness for shift work and overtime
Temporary work is more popular among our customers who not only want their open positions occupied but prefer that all administrative tasks are taken in relation to the employment by us.

During a temporary work the stuff - which was selected upon your specifications and qualification requirements - stays in stock of the Personal Partner International Job Company. You get only one invoice per week, everything else we do for you. You no longer have to deal with more costs of the vacations, illnesses, payroll, social security, etc.. This is now our problem. More importantly: you only pay for the pure worked hour!
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