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Werkvertrag Vermittlung

  • You are looking for a new sub-contractor?
  • You want higher quality work while reducing costs?
  • You are working in an area where temporary work is not allowed?
  • Your do not want to deal with personnel issues?
  • You are only interested, that the job gets done on time and in high quality?
We undertake orders in many industrial sectors (eg: meat industry, electronic industry, metal industry, production work, etc.) with our own self-established personal and team on work basis. In those areas where we are not directly involved (eg construction) we have very close contacts with Hungarian sub-companies which already have experience in working in West-Europe.

Werkvertrag Vermittlung

Why is a work based contract for your advantage?

In a work-contract we agree on a precise activitiy to be performed. You tell us what, how much and to what end date the performance must be created. Everything else we do. In case of a work-contract we do not lease you the employees but you can enjoy the cost advantage thru our factory prices.

Please send us the work to be done in detail. We will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.

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